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As an Ambassador mentor from India, I receive a fair share of "I want to be a Fedora Ambassador". In order to make this a learning process as well as bring about self evaluation, I request the prospects to think through the following questions.

If you are reading this document, you have at some point expressed the desire to take on the formal mantle of a “Fedora Ambassador”. This document assumes that you

- Are already familiar with the relevant sections of the wiki

- Have reached out to a mentor and have a plan in place for sponsorship

- Have been contributing to at least an area of Fedora

- Are subscribed to the mailing list for your region (eg. India)

- Participate in conversations on the IRC channels

Remember, there are no right or, wrong answers. This is the basis of a conversation.

- Tell us a bit about yourself (link to your Fedora user page) and how you became a part of The Fedora Project

- What have you been recently working on? Tell us a bit about your focus and goals (links to blog posts, discussions on list etc would be nice to have)

- What are your goals as a participant in The Fedora Project?

- How are you measuring if your are making progress towards your goals?

- What is going well with your goals and plans?

- What is not going so well with your goals and plans? How can the project help?

- Anything else you’d like to share ...