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Ilya Babentsov / Илья Бабенцов

Ilya Babentsov
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Language: English, Russian
Home: Saint-Peresburg (Russia, GMT+3)
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FAS-Name: sh0ck
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Private Mail: ilya.babentsov [AT] gmail [DOT] com
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Current activities / Текущие активности


My Linux experience is not reach. But I had linux installed as my main system for about year. My first distro was Ubuntu than i tried top 15 from distrowatch from the user side. I also worked for Exigen Services ( as system administrator of Jira, some internal company web apps and OS on mixed developers instances where there were mostly CentOS, RHEL, Suse Enterprise about 10 Windows and about 2 or 3 Solaris. Now I write docs and develop for ASP.NET, Sharepoint, MS Project Server, but I want to push my Linux experience and make some ManDay investments. I want to start as a Translator and to understand my abilities and ambitions. You can contact me through any of channels I wrote above. I also have some thoughts about software for linux for MS Project files edit, but i don't know if it would be useful for community.