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Numbers of Ambassadors

in comparision to the last few years

4-5 more amba since 2010 But we lost many (like bochecha who moved to HK) It is good to have new active amba

very active ones

  • Eseyman - Emmanuel Seyman
  • number80 - Haikel Guemar
  • Nobrakal
  • casper_v2
  • llaumgui
  • pingou
  • renault

less active ones

  • Sereinity
  • shaiton
  • Kaesar (not really involved in the community)
  • Quentin Dumont (maitain one event)
  • Trasher (present time to times)
  • Opossum1er (present time to times)
  • Laxathom (here for events)
  • Mgautier (present time to times)
  • Kadionik - eddy33 (time to times)
  • Bouska (back from Brussels)

Not active as amba

  • Aramrami (2009)
  • Arkezis (2011?) - Tom Dubin
  • Armelk (2009)
  • CharlesVinchon (2009)
  • Derikonto (2010) - Cedrik Guilbaud
  • FredericHornain (2010)
  • Prakhar (2010)
  • Thierry (2010)
  • Titax (2010 ?)
  • Mrtom (left between 2011-2012)
  • Pingoomax (2009-2010) - Around time to times
  • Nim - Nicolas Mailhot (2009)

OpenSource Events

since 2010 in numbers

at least 24 in France

which were attended by Ambassadors from your Country

24 + 12 (at least, FUDCons + other foreign events)

= with numbers of visitors (if possible) to rate the importance

Fedora only

Release parties in Paris (yearly, twice): 100 + 20 contributors FUDCon Paris 2012 Some universities talks (details?)

Open Source events, yearly

Solution Linux Open Source 10,000 visitors + ~3,5 amba Open World Forum (since 2012): 2,000 visiteurs + 10 contributors PSL (Monthly event in Paris): ~50 + 2 to 8 contributors JM2L (2days): ~50 JRDL (2010-2011): ~ 30 RMLL : 1,700 unique MAC addresses. − We didn't have a 2013 booth. JDLL Lyon : ~50 + 2 Amba Journée du Libre de Vincennes (7 déc) < 40, 1 amba Journée du Libre à Poitiers 2012: ~ 30 Underconstruction 2012: ~25 +2 amba Braderie de Lille 2013: 10,000 (but not all IT, it covers everything)

which will come up in 2014

which will be covered by the Ambassadors of your Country (and/or assistance through other Countrys)

Same as above (Solution Linux, Open World Forum, Release parties, PSL…)


the Budget your Country got the past few years (since 2010 till today)

I am not in CC to all requests. I would say less than 200€ for 3 years (not counting FUDCon). Not counting media. Our NPO was holding most part of our expenses.

Funding your work as Ambassadors (if there exists some)

if possible for each event (also to rate his importance)

the Budget you need in 2014 to cover the events your Country plans (if possible in the fiscal year quarter from Red Hat)

about 250€ for travel subsidies. We try not to leave our region for events, however we would like to interact more each others for events.

We used to have location (or booth) free for all our events. only asked for FUDCon once or twice from 2 guys.

Media info Request not taken into account #278. Should make request earlier.

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