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Eslam Shapsough


Hello Everyone,

My name is Eslam Shapsough, I am a 25 years married male from Jordan - Middle east. Graduated from Amman college for technical engineering, Information Technology department.

I Have worked as a Network Administrator for a small local company, And now working for Orange of Jordan.

Im good with PHP,MySQL,HTML,CSS & Perl (All Self Learned), Speaking 2 languages (Arabic & English), Used many operating systems (Windows - 95, 98, NT4, XP, Vista, Windows 7- , Linux - Fedora, Ubuntu, Slackware, Mandriva, DSL, CentOS, Antix + Many Others -, FreeBSD, Solaris).

I Also have a good knowledge about web and network security (PHP - MySQL Exploits Mainly).

On my spare time i usually read all i can about linux and the servers that it can run and how to manage them, the latest thing i did regarding that was managing and configuring Squid.


  • Email:
  • IRC: fedora, fedora-project - nickname: shapsough
  • GPG key: 50AD7073
  • Fedora Account: shapsough

Why Fedroa

Simple question but a hard answer! Maybe because after using windows for 7 years having to reinstall it every week or 2, lack of support, and the kind of PC it needs to run it (Hardware), I Was trying to find something more stable and has a good support, That is when i tried Linux, started with simple Desktop Distros like Ubuntu And Debian, But the very first i tried was Fedora core 4, And after a while of using Other Distros i needed something that is faster and performs better as Web servers And Proxy Servers, Tried Many but Fedora Solved Almost All without any efforts from my side searching for what i want, the remaining issues got solved by the nice community that I am a part of now, Now i know i have a stable system, highly configurable, fast And well supported.

Its my turn to pay this community Back.