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This is to verify that Anaconda and Gnome Initial Setup (or Firstboot) behave correctly when the user creates a mountpoint inside the future $HOME directory.


  1. Burn the Live.iso image to an optical disk, unless testing on a VM.

How to test

  1. Boot the system.
  2. In the boot menu select the appropriate option to boot the installer.
  3. Run the installer, select custom partitioning, create a default layout plus an additional partition with mountpoint /home/$username/data where $username is the name of the future username
  4. Continue the installation, create a user called $username

Expected Results

  1. The user can login with the newly created account
  2. $HOME is owned by the user
  3. /etc/skel files are correctly copied into $HOME
  4. /etc/skel files have correct permissions
  5. $HOME/data is owned by the user, but the permissions of the files inside $HOME/data remain unchanged