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Failing sometimes, and it's important to saying to learn from it

Failed a collaboration with folks of to develop a course of GNU/Linux for folks illiteracy on ICT, several reasons:

  • Originally was announced as course about GNU/Linux (the most generic apps, Gnome based), but it ended developing a course for Ubuntu (with all the crap about software centre locked in).
  • Worse, having a mailing list and public drupal wiki space, the core decissions was taken closed-doors, at private meetings and without at least publishing minutes to the public spaces.
  • As part of it several proposals from our side to outline the course materials on ICDL currículum or others of our own, were always rejected avoiding any discussion on the course goals.

This said, i should outline some raw lessons:

  • A project unfriendly to #OpenSource as core value can be dangerous. Once you get accustomed to Fedora openness, it's hard to downgrade to closed doors to discussion and lack of transparency.
  • Also, if we as Ambassadors are going to approach to other projects for collaboration, we should know a clear statement of vision and mission, in order to avoid future misunderstanding about the degree we share goals and methods with those projects.
  • We must study better The OpenSource way and try to apply more firmly its lessons.