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This is the log of the videos of the Fedora Nicaragua than I have edited and uploaded to the Fedora Nicaragua's channels at social networks.

Tutorials (Spanish)

No Name About Link
1 Apt en Fedora How to install the APT for RPM in Fedora
2 Repo Local En Fedora How to set uo a Local Repo with Fedora Updates
3 Presto Showing how the Presto Plugin works
4 Gnomisando a XFCE How to make XFCE like Gnome2
5 Lista de Correo How to join the Fedora Nicaragua mailing list
6 Yum How to use YUM
7 IRC How to join the IRC Channels
8 FedUp How to upgrade F17 to F18

Fedora Nicaragua Activities Videos (Spanish)

No Name About Link
1 R Wokshop abut R in Fedora School
2 SSH y RSA Wokshop abut SSH and Secure in Fedora School
3 Terminal Wokshop abut Terminal in Fedora School
4 RPM Fusion Wokshop abut RPM Fusion in Fedora School
5 YUM al Package Kit Wokshop abut YUM and Package Kit in Fedora School

Others Videos

No Name Abour Link
1 Nombre Descripción Enlace