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June 15th, 2008. From 14:00 to 17:00 (-6 GMT)


Universidad Americana, Managua, Nicaragua


  • Primary focus are the students of IT related degrees.
  • Business contact that the university may have.
  • LUGs


  1. Presenting Fedora Project
  2. What's new in fedora 11
  3. Introducing Nicaraguan Fedora Mirror
  4. Programming with Django
  5. VoIP using Elastix

Other activities

  • Demostrations: There will some computers to show some applications at work.
    • Calc, Planner, GNUCash, Zoneminder
  • Live-USB station to create some Fedora bootable USB memories.
  • Refreshments (soda and pastry)

Give away

  • Brochure talking about Fedora Project, Fedora 11: Leonidas and Fedora Nicaragua.
  • Fedora 11 Install DVD and LiveCD (probably 50/50)
  • Fedora t-shirts
  • Fedora stickers (if they come on time from LATAM)



The “Universidad Americana” was a good host, they had the saloon ready on time, and they made a good job spreading the word around. They have a technical business database to send messages regarding activities on the campus.

We have also a wonderful coverage for this event. We got three hits on media. First on a national newspaper “El Nuevo Diario” reporting about the Fedora 11 release and commenting on the upcoming event. The second was in a weekly magazine “La Brujula”, and they expanded their history on the digital version as they migrated to Fedora about the same time. Last we got an advertisement regarding the event, again in “El Nuevo Diario”. All the news are already posted on the fedora news archive.

Not withstanding that the word was spread the event went a bit short on people. We were expecting around 75 people, but the reality was near 40 people. What cheers ourselves up with the fact that mostly were new faces. This was our first big event on this campus, as this university is starting now to take the firsts steps on teaching free software to their computer science students. Beyond the low attendance from students of the “Universidad Americana”, we got several people from technological business interested on what we have to say.

People showed up a bit late, so we improvised showing Big Buck Bunny from the open movie project. Every person got a brochure with plenty of information and some link in case the want learn more. We cover the basic, speaking about fedora project, what is new in Leonidas, and some more in depth regarding repositories. There were also some other speeches regarding Django programming and IP Telephony. We raffle ten t-shirts shuffling a box full of the inscription tickets. We close the event we five computers open to public to try fedora, each computer also has a person open to explain different applications. Our pick advance use of Calc, Planner, GNUCash, Zoneminder, and the last open for making LiveUSB. Sadly, we didn't produce any LiveUSB. But in each table were plenty of media to distribute. We give away 32 DVD and 26 LiveCD. During this time it was offered sodas and pastry.

We received very good comments from the people about the quality of the talks and the organization of the event. The success of the event was primarily due the sponsorship received and the work to obtained.


To see the pictures of the event follow this link

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