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This page is a draft. If you have questions or suggestions, please contact Dan Allen or Sarah White.

Do you have an idea for the Fedora Videos project, but don't have the time or resources to create it? Are you looking for inspiration or a topic for your next video?

How to propose an idea for a video

If you have an idea for a video, please add it to this wiki page by following the steps below:

  1. Sign in to the wiki (you'll need a free FAS account)
  2. Click the "edit" tab to begin editing the page
  3. Copy the video proposal template
    1. Scroll down to Video idea title
    2. Highlight the text, including the ===, starting from video idea title to the end of the resources and additional notes field
  4. Paste the copied template into one of the video category sections
  5. Fill in the fields with as much information as you can provide
  6. Save the page

Video Proposal Template

Video Idea Title

Status: Proposed, in production, complete

Idea summary: A few sentences stating the purpose of the video, its basic content, and how it involves Fedora.

Technical requirements: The software and skills the video producer needs to be familiar with in order to demonstrate the video's subject matter.

Contact(s): Your name, link to your FAS account if applicable, and/or email address.

Can you provide assistance or resources during the production of the video?: Yes or no. If yes, describe how you can help.

Resources and additional notes: Links to project webpages, photographs, screenshots, dialog suggestions, etc.

Trac ticket: (This field is a place holder and currently doesn't not need to be copy and pasted when you propose an idea. It has not been determined yet whether video ideas will be integrated into or supplemented by Trac tickets.)

Selecting a video to produce

If you see an idea below and want to produce it, please contact the person who proposed the idea for further information and to coordinate with them (if applicable). Some of the ideas have been proposed by the video team. Feel free to contact any of the team members for further information or join us in the #fedora-meeting channel each Thursday at 15:30 UTC.

First Approach

Getting Involved

How to host a meeting on #fedora-meeting using zodbot

Status: Proposed

Idea summary: Show users the basic structure of a meeting such as role call, agenda items, and open floor. Demonstrate the zodbot commands such as #start-meeting, #chair, #topic, #link, #action, #end-meeting, etc. that enable zodbot to record the minutes in a structured format. Video could also explain and show common IRC meeting etiquette such as the !, ?, and +1.

Technical requirements: Chat client such as xchat.

Contact(s): Fedora Videos Team

Can you provide assistance or resources during the production of the video?: Yes. Can assist with creating a script of key points the video should highlight.

Resources and additional notes:

Desktop Environments




Base System

Fedora SPINS