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Main Page Redesign 2007

Once we have pixel-by-pixel control of the front page, we are going to complete the redesign of that page to channel readers into several specific directions.

Following the redesign, the main page shall have:

Designer, OS Developer, People Person, Translator, Web Developer/Administrator.

  • Additional navigation
  • Direct links to e.g. legal, search (cross-site), login, etc.
  • A common navigation element that can be promoted across all

Fedora Web properties

  • Useful, deep links to bug reporting
  • Right to component-specific pages or other bug/issue interface

The site shall:

  • Uses one cookie, no expiration

User Flow 1 : I want to do stuff

Portal > Do > Choose

Choices include knowledgebase, documentation, FAQs, live help, mailing lists, etc.

User Flow 2 : I want to get stuff

Choices of what to get include software to download, other media and objects to obtain.

Portal > Get > Choose

  1. I am new to Linux -- help me figure out which version of Fedora I want.
  2. I am an expert -- just give me the full list and leave me alone.

Each of the areas below could have a, "Can't decide? Want a closer a look as to what's on each spin? Browse the included software here" link that goes to a product page about each spin.

GET FEDORA 7 (sub-page)

There are several versions of Fedora 7 available, depending on your usage needs and technical skills.

Don't panic!
You can easily add or remove software from the Internet to Fedora after you have installed it. If you are not sure, choose the first option Desktop user.

I am a desktop/laptop user (web browsing, office documents, etc.). --> We send them to the "Fedora 7 Live CD", the one based on Gnome

I am a developer who wants a general purpose workstation (desktop, programming tools, etc.). --> We send them to the spin "Fedora 7", previously called Prime

I am an advanced user who wants to be able to pick and choose from all available Fedora packages. --> We send them to the spin "Fedora 7 Everything"

I am an expert, and I want to build my own custom spin of Fedora. --> We send them to docs that explain how.

I am a curious user, and I want to browse/download custom Fedora spins that other people or groups have created. --> We send them to a page, which includes the KDE Live CD, and other custom spins that the Board has blessed.


User Flow 3 : I want to join Fedora

Portal > Join > Individual teams > Rely upon wiki/ProjectName/Join

Note that ProjectName/Join is a standard URL that is easy to remember, and it can be be set to redirect to another, maintained page

FUDCon Discussion Miscellania

Pictures of whiteboard from FUDCon Boston 2007.

Notes from discussion at FUDCon. Participants/assistance included MairinDuffy, BobJensen, KarstenWade, ToshioKuratomi, and anyone in room 307 who wandered by.