From Fedora Project Wiki
  1. Get details on a spin
  2. Modify spin details
  3. Find spin you like
  4. Download spin
  5. Build spin
  6. add spin to site (unofficially)
  7. apply for official status
    • submit
    • review
    • pass/fail
  8. Review spins and approve
  9. Gardening/which are being updated?
  10. Voting/popularity
    • Find the "coolest" spins
    • Mozilla addons as a model
  11. Discontinue spins?
  12. View security vulnerabilities
  13. Download kickstart file and extra scripts that were submitted
  14. Spin diffing
  15. Howto for revisor
  16. "Make my Fedora this" -- one click install with metapackages and PackageKit
  17. "I use this spin" sticker to put on blog or what have you
  18. Advertise
  19. Based on Fedora and *only* Fedora?