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Windows 7-like Taskbar Option


Give users the ability to have a taskbar similar to the Windows 7 super taskbar.


I am not able to implement this feature because my C++ coding skills are weak, but I am learning it on the side of my school work. I need someone to volunteer to make this possible. If you would like to do this send me a message so I can say I have someone willing to implement this. Then this feature can be a possible option. I need you! :)

Current Status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 13
  • Last updated: September 26 2009

Detailed Description

In Windows 7, Microsoft listened to average user's feedback to make the OS experience easier and faster to use. From this feedback Windows' biggest improvement is the revamped taskbar. These improvements are the "Jumplist", removal of text information and a small icon and replaced with a big icon that can contain more then one window, and ability to switch around application's positions in the taskbar. I am asking for this in Fedora.

Here is complete explanation of the Windows 7 taskbar (Information in this video ends at 3:25)

This would be just an option, it would not be the default interface

Benefit to Fedora

This feature would give users the ability to use features that were designed to make the OS easier to use and more visually appealing.


  • Jump-List
  • Use large icons as Window and application containers
  • Switch position of large icon containers
  • Window preview by hover of icon container
  • Manage windows by hover of icon (ability to close application, for some applications have more options. E.g. pause, resume)

How to Test

Testing cannot be done because there is not an implementation of this feature.

User Experience

Enhanced user experience through a better look, and quick ways to navigate through applications.


None other then the taskbar being exsistant.

Contingency Plan

Probably not on by default. Configurable via "Appearance Preferences".


None yet.

Release Notes