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Fedora Women Project Mission

Provide a forum for women in the Fedora Community

The project will provide a central forum where women in the Fedora Community can work together or socialize. In a community where women make up only a small percentage of the overall population, this will provide a way for women to get in touch with one another without the distractions that may appear elsewhere and will allow members of this smaller segment of the population to find one another.

Provide a stronger voice for the women of the Fedora Community

By allowing the women of the Fedora Community to coordinate with one another and speak in unison, this project will provide a larger collective voice that will make the will of the group more apparent to the rest of the community.

Avoid segregation

This project will attempt to bring some balance to a community that is made up of mostly men. It is not intended to separate women from the rest of the community, but rather to bring them closer to it by making sure they are included in the community voice.

Be fun

This project isn't meant to be just a dull channel for a few ideas, it is meant to be a fun and engaging environment that fosters participation and further development. This should never be forgotten.