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輕量的 VM 環境


Why Fedora Cloud?

  • 可客製自訂

    Fedora Cloud allows you to tailor your environment to your needs by selecting the specific packages and features you want to include.

  • 安全

    Designed with security in mind, Fedora Cloud includes functions like SELinux, which boosts kernel security, and Security Profiles.

  • 最新狀態

    Fedora Cloud offers the most recent software packages and updates, ensuring that you are constantly up to date.

  • 開源生態系

    Everything 是由完全自由與開源的 Fedora 生態系所支持。

  • 社群主導

    Being an open source project means that there is a large pool of knowlege and expertise available.

  • 以容器為基礎

    Fedora Cloud is optimized for container workloads making it a great host for running containerized applications.

Endorsed Partners of Fedora Cloud


The Fedora Project envisions a world where everyone benefits from free and open source software built by inclusive, welcoming, and open-minded communities.

Fedora Cloud is created by a team in the Fedora community called the Cloud Working Group. It is comprised of official members who have decision making powers, as well as other contributors. Learn more on the Cloud Working Group website.