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The solid foundation for IoT ecosystems

A lightweight yet powerful and scalable OS

為什麼要用 Fedora IoT?

  • 領導性科技

    Built on the latest technologies and enhancements that open-source has to offer.

  • Container Based

    Fedora IoT is a container-based host that runs on your hardware, with a focus on edge device deployment.

  • 開源生態系

    Everything 是由完全自由與開源的 Fedora 生態系所支持。

  • Flexible

    There are a wide variety of supported installation methods.

  • Edge Support

    Use Fedora IoT to support your workloads that are computed outside of the traditional datacenter.

  • 發揮你裝置的最大效能

    Fedora 和硬體廠商合作,為很多裝置提供極佳的硬體支援。

Platforms Tested against IoT


The Fedora Project envisions a world where everyone benefits from free and open source software built by inclusive, welcoming, and open-minded communities.

Fedora IoT is created by a team in the Fedora community called the IoT Working Group. It is comprised of official members who have decision making powers, as well as other contributors. Learn more on the IoT Working Group website.