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Unissiti a une comunitât di utents e colaboradôrs che si ocupin di Fedora Cloud.

Fedora Cloud e je creade di un grup de comunitât dal Progjet Fedora clamât Cloud Working Group. Al è fat di membris uficiâi che a àn il podê decisionâl e di altris colaboradôrs. Par vê plui informazions su chest grup e su cemût partecipâ, consulte il sît web dal Cloud Working Group.

Canâi di comunicazion


La etichete Fedora Cloud sul forum di discussion di Fedora, che al è basât su Discourse, al è un puest maraveôs par metisi in contat cun altris utents e colaboradôrs di Fedora Cloud.


Tu puedis chatâ cul Fedora Cloud Working Group vie Matrix:

Manieris par partecipâ

Segnale e discut i problemis

You can view, file, and discuss Fedora Cloud issues on the Fedora Cloud issue tracker.

Partecipe a une riunion

Cloud Working Group meetings are open to all current and potential contributors every other Thursday at 15:00 UTC in #meeting-1​ (see fedocal→cloud for updates).


Fedora has events throughout the year that you can attend, typically in-person or virtually, to learn more about Fedora Workstation as well as meet other users and contributors.

The Annual Fedora Project Conference

Flock is the Fedora Project's annual multi-day in-person conference focused on our contributors. It typically alternates between European and North American locations. The conference provides a venue for face-to-face meetings and conversations. It is also a place to celebrate our community.

Flock typically takes place every August.

The Virtual Fedora Project Conference

Nest is our at-home, virtual Flock that has been running since the global outbreak of COVID-19. It takes place over 3 days and includes talks, workshops, hackfests, and social events.

Worldwide & Local Fedora Meetups

Hatch is a series of small-scale, in-person global meetups organized in the weeks preceding the Flock / Nest conference enabling Fedorans local to each other to meet.

Fedora Magazine is a website that hosts promotional articles and short guides contributed from the community about free/libre and open-source software that runs on or works with the Fedora Linux operating system.

The Community Blog provides a single source for members of the community to share important news, updates, and information about Fedora with others in the Project community.