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Join a community of users and contributors focused on Fedora Budgie Atomic.

Fedora Budgie Atomic is maintained by the Budgie Special Interest Group (SIG) in Fedora and is the result of collaboration between the Fedora and Budgie community.

The Budgie SIG is an open community seeking contributors from everywhere, and of every type. From documentation writing, to beta testing, to helping others by answering questions, there are plenty of ways to get involved and help shape the future of Budgie!

The Buddies of Budgie organization is responsible for the development of Budgie Desktop and have their own Getting Involved page detailing how you can get help their project!

Komunikacijski kanali


The Fedora Onyx tag on Fedora's Discourse-based discussion forum is a great place to connect with other Fedora Budgie Atomic users and contributors.


You can chat with the Fedora Budgie community on Matrix at

Načini sodelovanja


Fedora Budgie Atomic is powered by some amazing open-source projects, including ostree, rpm-ostree, and flatpak. If you are a developer, consider helping out with one of these projects.


Found something that isn't quite right? Want to propose a change to the way Budgie Atomic works? We want to hear from you! Head over to the Budgie SIG issue tracker and let us know.

Fedora Magazine je spletno mesto, ki gosti promocijske članke in kratke vodnike, ki jih je prispevala skupnost, o prosti/brezplačni in odprtokodni programski opremi, ki deluje v operacijskem sistemu Fedora Linux ali deluje z njim.

Spletni dnevnik skupnosti zagotavlja članom skupnosti en sam vir za izmenjavo pomembnih novic, posodobitev in informacij o Fedori z drugimi v skupnosti projekta.