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Fedora Jam Lab

Fedora Jam is for audio enthusiasts and musicians who want to create, edit and produce audio and music on Linux. It comes with JACK, ALSA and PulseAudio by default including a suite of programs to tailor your studio.

Fedora Jam is a full-featured audio creation spin. It includes all the tools needed to help create the music you want, anything from classical to jazz to heavy metal. Included in Fedora Jam is full support for JACK and JACK to PulseAudio bridging, the newest release of Ardour, and a full set of LV2 plugins.

Featured Applications


A powerful multi-channel digital audio workstation, provides everything you need for your audio projects.


A digital audio workstation with advanced midi sequencers geared for personal home use.


An advanced drum machine that features professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.


A powerful synthesizer capable of making a countless number of instrument sounds.


An easy way to write music with an integrated sequencer.


Learn guitar with this guitar tablature editor with ability to display scores and multitrack tabs.


Everything you need to turn your computer into a full blown guitar rig. Get pro quality sounds and effects.


A realtime software looping sampler perfect for live performance.


Professional state-of-the-art audio plugins for musicians and multitrack software.

Prenos Fedora Jam Lab 40

DATUM IZDAJE: torek, 23. april 2024

Za sisteme Intel in AMD x86_64

Fedora Jam Lab 40Live ISOiso3.3 GiB

Za to različico ni na voljo nobene datoteke.

Varnost jemljemo resno

Ko ste preneseli sliko, preverite tako njeno varnost kot celovitost.

Z izračunom kontrolne vsote slike na vašem računalniku in primerjavo z izvirno kontrolno vsoto lahko preverite, ali slika ni bila spremenjena ali poškodovana. Slike so tudi podpisane gpg s ključi Fedora, da se pokaže njihova celovitost.

  • Click the verify button to download the checksum file for your downloaded image.

  • Uvozite Fedorine ključ(e) GPG

                    curl -O

    Podrobnosti ključev GPG lahko preverite tukaj.

  • Preverite, ali je datoteka s kontrolno vsoto veljavna

                    gpgv --keyring ./fedora.gpg Fedora-Labs-40-1.14-*-CHECKSUM
  • Preverite ujemanje kontrolne vsote

                    sha256sum -c Fedora-Labs-40-1.14-*-CHECKSUM

Če izhod trdi, da je datoteka veljavna, je pripravljena za uporabo!

Če kliknete in prenesete Fedoro, se strinjate, da boste ravnali v skladu s Politiko nadzora izvoza Fedora.