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Fedora Security Lab

The Fedora Security Lab provides a safe test environment to work on security auditing, forensics, system rescue and teaching security testing methodologies in universities and other organizations.

The spin is maintained by a community of security testers and developers. It comes with the clean and fast Xfce Desktop Environment and a customized menu that provides all the instruments needed to follow a proper test path for security testing or to rescue a broken system. The Live image has been crafted to make it possible to install software while running, and if you are running it from a USB stick created with LiveUSB Creator using the overlay feature, you can install and update software and save your test results permanently.

Featured Applications


EtherApe is a graphical network monitor for UNIX modeled after etherman. It displays network activity graphically.


Ettercap is a comprehensive suite for man in the middle attacks.


Medusa is intended to be a speedy, massively parallel, modular, login brute-forcer.


Nmap is a free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing.


A GUI tool that serves as an SCAP scanner and provides tailoring functionality for SCAP content.


Skipfish is an active web application security reconnaissance tool.


A tool targeted to test SQL Injection vulnerabilities on a web application using Microsoft® SQL Server as its back-end.


Wireshark is a network traffic analyzer for UNIX-ish operating systems.


Yersinia is a network tool designed to take advantage of some weakness in different network protocols.

Prenos Fedora Security Lab 40

DATUM IZDAJE: torek, 23. april 2024

Za sisteme Intel in AMD x86_64

Fedora Security Lab 40Live ISOiso2.3 GiB

Za to različico ni na voljo nobene datoteke.

Varnost jemljemo resno

Ko ste preneseli sliko, preverite tako njeno varnost kot celovitost.

Z izračunom kontrolne vsote slike na vašem računalniku in primerjavo z izvirno kontrolno vsoto lahko preverite, ali slika ni bila spremenjena ali poškodovana. Slike so tudi podpisane gpg s ključi Fedora, da se pokaže njihova celovitost.

  • Click the verify button to download the checksum file for your downloaded image.

  • Uvozite Fedorine ključ(e) GPG

                    curl -O

    Podrobnosti ključev GPG lahko preverite tukaj.

  • Preverite, ali je datoteka s kontrolno vsoto veljavna

                    gpgv --keyring ./fedora.gpg Fedora-Labs-40-1.14-*-CHECKSUM
  • Preverite ujemanje kontrolne vsote

                    sha256sum -c Fedora-Labs-40-1.14-*-CHECKSUM

Če izhod trdi, da je datoteka veljavna, je pripravljena za uporabo!

Če kliknete in prenesete Fedoro, se strinjate, da boste ravnali v skladu s Politiko nadzora izvoza Fedora.