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Italian Red Hatters!

Feel free to engage them for Fedora-related activities! :-)

Name/Surname Job role within Red Hat City Expertise Projects involved in
Alessio Soldano Principal Software Engineer (Tech Lead) Milan, Italy JBoss JBoss Web Services
Andrea Arcangeli Linux Kernel Developer Imola, Italy RHEL, * Linux Kernel, KVM, *
Andrea Leoncini JBoss Solution Architect Rome, Italy JBoss
Carmen Palumbo Marketing Manager Milan, Italy RHEL, Fedora, JBoss
Davide Benini Consultant, Professional Services Milan, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Edoardo Schepis JBoss Solution Architect Milan, Italy JBoss
Federico Simoncelli Sr Software Engineer Rome, Italy
Gaetano La Rosa RHCA Consultant, Professional Services && Training Milan, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Gianluca Varisco Consultant, Professional Services Milan, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Geert Jansen Product Marketing Manager, Virtualization Catania area, Italy RHEL, Fedora, Virt
Giulio Fidente Consultant, Professional Services Rome, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Mario Fusco JBoss Software Engineer (Core Developer) Milan, Italy JBoss JBoss Drools
Mattia Gandolfi Solution Architect Milan, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Mario Cavaldesi Solution Architect Rome, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Paolo Bonzini Sr Software Engineer (XEN, KVM) Milan, Italy RHEL, Fedora XEN, KVM
Potito Coluccelli JBoss Consultant Rome, Italy JBoss
Salvatore Bognanni Systems Design Engineer Turin, Italy RHEL, Fedora
Samuele Dell'Angelo JBoss Consultant Milan, Italy JBoss
Stefano Linguerri JBoss Consultant Rome, Italy JBoss
Stefano Maestri Principal Software Engineer Milan, Italy JBoss JBoss AS, JBoss JCA
Tristan Tarrant Principal Software Engineer Como area, Italy JBoss Infinispan && Enterprise Data Grid