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The Fedora Ambassadors program is currently undergoing a revamp. More details can be found at Fedora Ambassadors Revamp 2020.

Contributing roles in the Ambassadors Project

Contributing roles
The roles below are only a suggestion for contributing. You can contribute in many different ways, limited by your imagination only.

People Person

Who we are

Ambassadors are the representatives of Fedora. They ensure the public understands Fedora's principles and the work that Fedora is doing, and are responsible for helping to grow the contributor base by acting as a liaison between other FLOSS projects and the Fedora community.

What we do

  • Organize Fedora participation at events.
  • Talk about the Four Foundations of Fedora.
  • Promote and demonstrate Fedora and other FLOSS projects to the public, i.e. at local user groups with talks, etc.
Reality check
If you are just looking for swag, this is not for you!

Where we are

Fedora Ambassadors are organized according to the geographical region where they reside.

Fedora Ambassadors program regional structure
Fedora Ambassadors program regional structure

Joining the Fedora Ambassadors Project


Meetings Mailing list IRC
Regional meetings are very important to the project, allowing local Ambassadors to communicate with each other. See the meetings page for more details. The Ambassadors mailing list is very useful for collaboration. Please have a look at the guidelines regarding its use and then introduce yourself. The #fedora-ambassadors[?] channel on IRC is the best place to go to converse with Fedora Ambassadors.

General information

Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee (FAmSCo)

FAmSCo's mission is to provide the governance and support structure necessary to assist and enable Fedora Ambassadors worldwide.

Request tracking

Regional ambassador teams track requests and tasks in different ways.

Region Links
FAmSCo (Global) Issue tracker (global scope)
Asia Pacfic (APAC) Tasks & requests
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Tasks & issues | Funding requests
North America (NA) Tasks & issues | Funding requests
Latin America (LATAM) Tasks & requests
  • For confidential requests please remember to flag your ticket as "private".