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About Us

The Fedora Design Team is Fedora's in-house design agency. We provide artwork, user experience, usability, and general design services to the Fedora project.

Our current team goals:

  • Template and Automate - Generate templates, standards, and automation where possible for more efficient and consistent artwork production.
  • Increased focus on UX/usability - Increase the amount of UX and usability work we provide to the Fedora project through both more efficient usage of current designer time and also better recruitment of UX/usability team members and better documentation of UX/usability tasks and processes.
  • FLOSS Creative Tool Education & Outreach - Continue to use the very same free and open source creative tools available in Fedora to design for Fedora, and increase and improve knowledge sharing with the general FLOSS community.
  • Clear Priorities - Strive to be more selective about our focus as a team and set clear priorities so the things that are most important to Fedora are done in a timely and organized manner.


Fedora Badge Creation

Fedora Badges is a fun website built to recognize contributors to the Fedora Project. The Fedora Design Team designs and create the badge icons visible on contributors' profiles. Examples:

Fedora Release Wallpaper

Each Fedora release receives a refreshing new default wallpaper. The Fedora Design team brainstorms ideas and iterates through various drafts until the final wallpaper design is delivered. Examples:

Wallpaper Resources

Fedora Supplemental Wallpapers

Each Fedora release includes a collection of selected wallpapers contributed by the Fedora community. There is a submission and evaluation process managed by the design team. The final selected wallpapers are distributed with the release for everyone to use on their desktops.

See more at the Nuancier supplemental wallpaper site

Project Archives

Older projects and efforts are moved periodically to our Project Archive page.

Request Design Help

The design team provides the following services to Fedora teams, Fedora events, Fedora infrastructure applications and websites, and projects for which Fedora is the upstream:

Team Task Schedule

Our schedule for the Fedora 41 cycle is available here:


Weekly Meetings

We have bi-weekly meetings to review tickets, chat, catch up on work, and get team feedback and direction. Come stop by and meet everyone if you're interested in getting started with our team! We have two meeting times to allow for everyone on the team to be able to make a meeting because of our global nature. To see what time this week's meeting is please check our calendar!

Fedora Design Meeting Time

  • Location: IRC
  • Channel: #fedora-design[?]
  • Day: Mondays
  • Time: 16:00 UTC

See the UTC Howto for instructions to convert UTC to your local time e.g. 8 AM EDT

Fedora Badges Meeting Time

See the UTC Howto for instructions to convert UTC to your local time e.g. 8 AM EDT

Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are captured using meetbot and are viewable via the møte website. Some 2010/2011 meetings are also archived in this wiki.




Join Us

We're always looking for new members. Join the design team and:

  • Get your very own panda*/mentor (*not a real panda)
  • Build your portfolio by working on real-world projects
  • Learn open source design tools from experts - never pay for Creative Suite again!
  • Work with awesome designers from around the world
  • Earn the best badges

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