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| - Future Plans and Goals of Fedora Project  
| - Future Plans and Direction of Fedora Project  

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Fedora Malaysia Planning Meeting 2014

Theme: Reviving Fedora Malaysia, and Malaysian FOSS ecosystem

When and Where

Date : TBC

Place : TBC


Time Title By
TBC The State of FOSS Communities In Malaysia, Fedora.MY, and Moving Forward Izhar
TBC - Future Plans and Direction of Fedora Project Izhar
TBC Brainstorm/Discussion/Lightning talks on ideas for the community to run on 2014/2015 Everyone

Feel free to add your session. If you are from other communities, and wish to add a session, just contact us on our mailing list:

Task List

Item Person in charge
Main event lead Rifka Hayati
Confirm date/time Rifka Hayati
Confirm venue Rifka Hayati
Contact <who?>


Item Quantity Cost per unit Total Cost Person in charge Note