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Support installation to image files


Do not limit installation to physical storage media. Support installation to disk image files.


Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora 15
  • Last updated: 2011-01-06
  • Percentage of completion: 90%
  • Remaining work items
    • network device configuration
      • currently impossible to configure an interface that is not available/present
    • sanity-checking of installer environment

Detailed Description

Support installation to files representing disk images.

Benefit to Fedora

Provides a method to generate virt images and, potentially, a way to create live images using anaconda.


Initially, only raw image files are supported. At some point it might be nice to support qcow or other image formats.

No support is present or planned for images mimicking firmware RAID or multipath devices.

No support is present for iSCSI and FCoE at this time, and it is undecided whether or not it will be added at a later time.

Test Plan

User Experience

Users will have to set up an environment including an installed anaconda package. By specifying disk image files as command line arguments to anaconda you are indicating that anaconda should behave as if the images were the only storage devices visible to the installation process. No additional device filtering will be offered.


Contingency Plan


Release Notes