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Infographic for Fedora's 10th Anniversary

What are we doing?

To celebrate Fedora's 10th anniversary, the Marketing team is creating an infographic to tell a story about the Fedora Project.

Infographic Process

The Fedora Marketing team is working on the infographic. Discussion is taking place on the marketing mailing list.

The process (still in definition) will have a few steps:

  • Data Gathering: What data points do we have that we could incorporate into a Fedora infographic? They can be individual statistics, data showing numbers of anything over time, points on a map, or other bits of information. Use your imagination!
  • Story outline and concept: Determine what interesting, compelling story can be pulled together / extracted from the data points available. Can mix with other information about Fedora (tie to Foundations, Mission/Vision, or other concepts.)
  • From story to artwork: Turn the story and data into a picture.

Data Gathering

Brainstorming Data Collection Points

If you have suggestions for data that can be used, list those ideas here. If you have a suggestion and have the data to go with it, please put it below in "Actual Data". Please note that not every data point may be used; we'll use the ones that help us to tell a story.

  • # of packages in Fedora from FC1 - F20
  • # of contributors over time
  • Size of "minimal" install over time?
  • # of languages supported in FC1 - F20?
  • # of release names that are as nifty as "Beefy Miracle"
  • Number of different spins created
  • Number of unique IP connections
  • Number of OLPC XO's shipped with Fedora
  • Number of FUDCons, Where FUDCons have been
  • Number of acceptable licenses
  • Number of continents on which Fedora is used and/or developed (Because Jef Spaleta is awesome and makes Antarctica happen)
  • Number of people who have been on the Board, FESCo, FAmSCo

Actual Data

Data we have gathered already should go here. If it is from the Brainstorming list, please move that bullet point down here so that people know that the data has already been collected.

Number of Fedora Ambassadors

Currently 658 according to FAS.

According to the wiki, the breakdown is:

APAC: 107 Africa: 26 North America: 123 LATAM: 112 EMEA: 159 Other: 3 Unknown: 49

(Clearly, the FAS number and wiki number do not match...)

A little more info here on the Ambassador Metrics page on Fedora Hosted.

Story Outline/Concept


From Story to Graphics