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Fedora x86 (Intel/AMD 32 bit)

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The X86 architecture has been built from the very beginning of Red Hat Linux, but is no longer the primary build target with X86_64 replacing it. This change has happened over the last decade, and the lack of attention by most developers has left the system not as used as before.

This page and targeting is aimed at trying to fix this problem.


short term goals

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long term goals

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  • To Be Filled out by Team



The x86 architecture itself has a long and storied history which are better outlined in the IA-32 and X86 Wikipedia articles. Because of the fact that the name of the architecture is confusing with ia64 not being ia32 with a 64 bit bus, and similar items, Fedora has either used i386 or x86 to refer to the architecture.

Supported Hardware

Currently only later models in the 'i686' architecture are supported: Pentium II and above.

Release Notes


Known Runtime Issues



  • BZ#1375732 Anaconda reclaim space is broken on x86


Known build issues

Notes for application developers and package maintainers

Submitting builds

As of 2017-07-12 there should be no need for a maintainer to do a regular build, they are automagically processed through the primary koji.

Packages under review

Get Involved with Fedora x86

Bug Reporting

Bugs should be reported against their prospective packages as per standard Fedora process. Other methods may be added by x86 team later

Getting help with x86 build issues