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This is a list of tasks lightly organized :) for the Docs FUDCon:FUDConF11 hackfest sessions.

General tasks

Process hackfest tasks

Scope: Make Docs Project process documents clean, clear, and useful for new and experienced contributors. Consider how to engage participants (i.e., potential contributors.)


  • Get the join to learn process worked out
    • Categorize pages
    • Better walk through
    • Find or stubs for what needs to be known
  • Important how-to do stuff for Docs content
    • Learning materials - wiki, xml, scm, mailing list, irc, etc.


  • Converting to Publican
    • Finish the Installation Guide
    • Document the process to make it repeatable
  • Other?


  • None yet

Wiki gardening tasks

  • Rename Docs Project pages