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This release of Fedora includes Fedora Eclipse, based on the Eclipse SDK version 3.4. The 3.4 series of releases has a "What's New in 3.4" page , and release notes specific to 3.4 are also available.

Some of the notable features in 3.4 include a number of improvements in handling bookmarks, easier ways to find and install plug-ins, and additional help with refactoring.

Additional plugins

This release of Fedora includes plugins for C/C++ eclipse-cdt, RPM specfile editing eclipse-rpm-editor, PHP eclipse-phpeclipse, Subversion eclipse-subclipse, SELinux eclipse-slide and eclipse-setools, regular expression testing eclipse-quickrex, Fortran eclipse-photran, Bugzilla integration eclipse-mylyn, Git eclipse-egit, Perl eclipse-epic, Checkstyle eclipse-checkstyle, and Python eclipse-pydev.

Translations from the Babel project [eclipse-nls]

This release also includes the Babel language packs, which provide translations for Eclipse and Eclipse plugins in a number of languages. Note that some of the languages have very low coverage: even if you have the translations installed, you will probably still see many strings in English. The Babel project accepts contributions if you would like to help their translation efforts.

Upgrading from Fedora 9

Users upgrading from Eclipse 3.3 will need to migrate any plug-ins they have installed from sources other than RPMs. The simplest way to do this is to re-install. For plug-in developers migrating from 3.3, refer to the "Plug-in Migration Guide":