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This project has been axed in its early stages as a fair amount of the Fedora community decided that with todays development pace and the vast amount and range of hardware available, an official HCL would be a waste of resources. Other ideas were thrown about including an 'Hardware Incompatiblity List' but these have been dismissed also.

Due to the nature of open source, Doncho and I are free to continue this project if we wish, and Doncho may continue to do so, but I no longer feel motivated to continue without the Fedora Documentation Project and the majority of the Fedora community behind me.

The Hardware Compatiblity List as last updated in Early January 2005 stands below. Feel free to resurrect and maintain it if you feel compelled to do so. This is the land of the free.

For those looking for a Hardware Compatibility List, you may find the following resources helpful - however as some of them are related to other distributions they should be used as a guide only.

Idea.png Work in this HCL has renewed. Users can read the ["FAQ"] on the current HCL plans - RahulSundaram

[ Thank you to all those who initally supported the idea, and of course as normal I'll be lingering on the mailing list somewhere. Feel free to drop me a line at [[MailTo(plasticmonkey AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT COM com)]


Philip Johnson

Pre-configured Systems

  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Machines/Barebones Barebones]
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Machines/Desktops Desktops] - Personal Computers (PC) or Desktops
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Machines/Laptops Laptops] - Laptop or notebook computers
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Machines/Servers Servers] - Servers and super computers
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Machines/VirtualMachines Virtual Machines] - Virtual machines or software emulated computers

Hardware Components

  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Chipsets Chipsets] - Motherboard Chipsets
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/CPU CPU] - Central Processing Units
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/IO IO Controlers] - I/O Controller Devices
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Modems Modems]
  • Multimedia Devices
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Multimedia/DigitalCameras Digital Cameras]
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Multimedia/FMCards FM Cards] - FM or Radio Cards
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Multimedia/TVCards TV Cards] - TV and TV+FM Cards
  • Network Cards
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/NetworkCards/Wired Wired] - Wired Network Cards
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/NetworkCards/Wireless Wireless] - Wireless Network Cards
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Printers Printers]
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/Scanners Scanners]
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/SoundCards Sound Cards]
  • Storage Devices
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/StorageDevices/HDD Hard Disks] - PATA/IDE, SATA, USB and Fireware Hard Disks
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/StorageDevices/CD Compact Disks] - PATA/IDE, SATA, USB and Fireware CD-ROM/CD-RW Disks
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/VideoCards Video Cards] - Graphics Cards or Video Cards
  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Components/SyncingDevices Syncing Devices] - PDAs, MP3 Players, GSM Phones and other devices that can synchronize data with your computer

Resources (for project maintainers)

  • [wiki:Self:HCL/Incoming/Incoming Incoming Hardware Reports]
  • [wiki:Self:DonchoGunchev Doncho Gunchev's user page]
  • [wiki:Self:PlasticMonkey Philip Johnson's user page]
  • [wiki:Self:PlasticMonkey/HCLHowTo Draft HOWTO document for the Fedora HCL]

Many links to important resources can be found on Doncho Gunchev's user page.