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Initial thoughts by Matt Domsch

  • Use Reduced Redundancy Storage. All the content will be replicated easily.
  • Use s3cmd sync to keep content in buckets in sync
    • exclude ISOs
    • exclude debuginfo? I think so.
  • Use bucket policies to limit access to each region
  • Need list of IP addresses for each region to populate MM. Would be nice if we could get that programmatically.
  • bucket names s3-mirror-<region> allow for CNAME to in our DNS
Region Region Server Bucket Name CNAME
US Standard CNAME
US West (Oregon) Region
US West (Northern California) Region
EU (Ireland) Region
Asia Pacific (Singapore) Region
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region
South America (Sao Paulo) Region


  • if we upload ISOs, we get .torrent links "for free".
  • no tracker stats :-(
  • Can't group multiple files together into a single torrent
  • we're paying for outbound bandwidth
  • bucket policies keeping traffic in a single region means we need separate buckets for torrent content


  • none for all uploads
  • none for intra-region requests
  • 0.093/GB/month for data, 200GB = $30-40/month/region. 7 Regions.
  • no way guess number of GET requests. $40 assumes 10M requests, while $30/month assumes 1M requests.

Total: ~$280/month, or $3360/yr

Open questions:

  • do we sync to one region, then COPY to others? If so, what tool? That'll cost $ for bandwidth.