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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

This is a list of specific changes needed for as a result of Changes/Two_Week_Atomic and making Atomic the primary cloud deliverable.

Some of these things (like copywriting) are the responsibilities of the Cloud WG (and possibly Marketing).

Initial "Brochure" Page

  • Change slogan to be Atomic-focused
  • Move Atomic box closer to the top
  • Either remove box about Cloud Base, or change wording to something which says "also available if you're looking for Fedora in the cloud but don't want Atomic..." (except in a shinier way)
  • Get an updated Atomic-centric quote from Major :)

Download Page

  • Make Atomic tab the primary one
  • Update "There are two main versions" copy to emphasize Atomic as the main version and Cloud Base as "also provided".

Atomic Tab

Initial Text

  • Containers copy could use an update
  • Link to is good.
  • Need copy about two week release cycle
  • Need a box showing the specific version / date this was last updated
  • Need a link to older releases (in right sidebar?)

Downloads Section

  • Basic layout is fine
  • Cloud SIG should discuss ordering of qcow downloads vs. vagrant vs. ec2 launch
  • The sidebar ISO download should be moved to something like "Installer for Atomic on bare metal" (CLOUD WG NEEDS TO DECIDE ON SUPPORT LEVEL FOR THIS)
  • Actual EC2 IDs and specific hyperlinks need to be automatically provided rather than manually (NEEDS PROGRAMMING)

Base Image Tab

  • Needs new copy indicating "secondary" status, and clarifying that this is updated on the traditional 6-month cycle with aperiodic updates for critical security issues
  • If we're ready to automate these links too, cool -- but I think they may still have to be manual
  • drop 32 bit (

Docker Tab

  • I think this is good as is.