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This page is a draft only
It is still under construction and content may change. Do not rely on the information on this page.

This is a list of specific changes needed for as a result of Changes/Two_Week_Atomic and making Atomic the primary cloud deliverable.

Some of these things (like copywriting) are the responsibilities of the Cloud WG (and possibly Marketing).

Front Page

  • Change Fedora Cloud to Fedora Atomic Host
  • Put "Fedora Cloud images" in the "more Fedora!" section

Initial "Brochure" Page

  • Change slogan to be Atomic-focused
  • Atomic-focused boxes and content
  • Get an updated Atomic-centric quote from Major :)

Download Page

  • No more tabs — just Fedora Atomic Host

Initial Text

  • Containers copy could use an update
  • Link to is good.
  • Need copy about two week release cycle
  • Need copy about testing
  • Need a box showing the specific version / date this was last updated
  • Need a link to older releases (in right sidebar?)

Downloads Section

  • Basic layout is fine
  • Cloud SIG should discuss ordering of qcow downloads vs. vagrant vs. ec2 launch
  • The sidebar ISO download should be moved to something like "Installer for Atomic on bare metal" (CLOUD WG NEEDS TO DECIDE ON SUPPORT LEVEL FOR THIS)
  • Actual EC2 IDs and specific hyperlinks need to be automatically provided rather than manually (NEEDS PROGRAMMING)


"Looking for a traditional, non-Atomic Fedora base image for running in OpenStack, EC2, or other cloud environments?" Link to

"Fedora Atomic Host is optimized for running containers. Pull down content with the atomic command. If you want to download a base container image directly..." Link to

Cloud Page

New page

  • like
  • Focus on "fedora running in the cloud"
  • downloads for Cloud Base image (and EC2 click-to-launch) <- also NEEDS PROGRAMMING for automatic updates
  • possible future home for Fedora Server cloud images, etc.

Containers page?

new page

  • like
  • Docker base image lives here
  • future links to layered images?
  • future rkt or other-format containers