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* Review and include the rest of the X2go suite:
* Review and include the rest of the X2go suite:
** [ x2goserver] - done
** [ x2goserver] - done
** [ x2goclient]
** [ x2goclient] - waiting on bundled lib exception for qtbrowserplugin
** [ x2godesktopsharing] - done
** [ x2godesktopsharing] - done
** [ python-x2go] - done
** [ python-x2go] - done
** [ pyhoca-gui]
** [ pyhoca-gui] - done
** [ pyhoca-cli]
** [ pyhoca-cli]

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The X2Go project has taken over development of the old NX libraries and has developed new clients and server code around it. We will move to use the X2Go NX library in Fedora and include the full X2Go suite.


  • Name: Orion Poplawski
  • Email: orion at nwra dot com
  • IRC: orionp
  • Release notes owner: <To be assigned by docs team>

Current status

Detailed Description

The current nx package in Fedora is based on the last open source release from NoMachine. NoMachine is no longer developing nx as an open source project. The X2Go project has taken the nx code and is maintaining it as well as developing new client and server code around it.

Benefit to Fedora

Fedora will contain a maintained, secure remote desktop/application access solution that works well over slower Internet connections.


Upgrade/compatibility impact

The current nx package contains both server (nxagent) and client (nxproxy) components. nx will be obsoleted by nx-libs, but nxagent and nxproxy are now in their own separate subpackages. As such, clients such as remmina-nx will need to require nxproxy, and server components such as freenx-server will need to require nxagent.

How To Test

For a server, install x2goserver.

For a client, install x2goclient.

Run x2goclient and connect to your server.

User Experience

N/A (not a System Wide Change)


freenx-server qtnx remmina-plugins-nx

As a provenpackager I can make the needed small changes in requires.

Contingency Plan

We could perhaps revive the old nx package (with epoch bump if necessary), but this seems unlikely.


Release Notes

To be completed by the Change Freeze!

Comments and Discussion