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To request all active Fedora release branches on '''package123''':
To request all active Fedora release branches on '''package123''':
<pre>fedpkg --module-name package123 --all-releases</pre>
<pre>fedpkg --module-name package123 request-branch --all-releases</pre>

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Migrating from fedrepo-req to fedpkg


As requested by several members of the Fedora community, fedrepo-req and fedrepo-req-branch have been implemented in fedpkg as subcommands. fedrepo-req and fedrepo-req-branch will continue to work but they will no longer be receiving updates. Also, as part of this, I took the opportunity to improve some of the syntax based on feedback from the Fedora community. The largest changes are outlined below.

fedpkg request-repo - this replaces fedrepo-req. One major change is that you can no longer request an additional branch to be created alongside of your new repo. This was a rarely used feature but caused some confusion for users and I decided it was best to leave it out of the fedpkg implementation.

fedpkg request-branch - this replaces fedrepo-req-branch. The largest change here is that you can now request branches for all active Fedora releases in a single command using the --all-releases flag.


fedrepo-req required you to create a configuration file to contain your Pagure API token at ~/.config/fedrepo_req/config.ini. The contents of that file should look like:

pagure_api_token = long_token_here

fedpkg requires a different configuration file at ~/.config/rpkg/fedpkg.conf. Create it and add your Pagure API token to look like (replacing "long_token_here" with your actual token):

token = long_token_here


To request a new repo for the package package123 and with the Bugzilla bug 5516953:

fedpkg --module-name package123 request-repo 5516953

To request the f27 branch inside a cloned dist-git repository:

fedpkg request-branch f27

To request the f27 branch on package123 without waiting for the requested repository to be approved and created:

fedpkg --module-name package123 request-branch f27

To request all active Fedora release branches on package123:

fedpkg --module-name package123 request-branch --all-releases