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* Get running with Fedora in the cloud here: []
* Get running with Fedora in the cloud here: []
* Pre-release software (alphas, betas) can be found at []

= Our Goals =
= Our Goals =

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The Fedora Cloud Special Interest Group

This is the home for the Fedora Cloud Working Group, where we are developing Fedora's next-generation cloud product. You may also be interested in the Cloud SIG, which has a broader, more loosely defined mission covering all things related to Fedora and cloud computing.

Fedora Cloud Working Group

Quick Links

Our Goals

The Fedora Cloud Working group leads the design and production of Fedora's cloud product.

Role in Fedora

The Fedora Cloud Working Group is a subset of the Fedora Cloud SIG, one of the many teams working on Fedora.

The Working Group is responsible for initial and ongoing development of the Product Requirements Document, and for coordinating production of the Fedora Cloud operating system.

We work with existing groups across the greater Fedora Project, and may delegate particular members to take responsibility for working with certain other teams. For example, a working group member may act as a coordinator for quality assurance or for release engineering.

Charter / Governance


Product Requirements Document

Cloud PRD

Runbooks / Standard Operating Procedures

Let's keep track of how things work here so that we can help integrate new folks more easily.

Atomic SOPs and Runbooks


This section will list the RFCs in progress or RFCs that have been accepted by the Cloud Working Group.

RFC: Rebuild Policy for Fedora Docker Trusted Images


It is our policy to default to open; wherever possible, all communications will be held in the open and archived for future public reference. In some rare cases, it may necessary for some members of the group to enter into non-disclosure agreements (for example, when working with public cloud vendors) but such circumstances should be minimal and not impact core decisions of the group.

Our primary forum for discussion is the Cloud SIG mailing list, Members also regularly are available in the #fedora-cloud IRC channel on FreeNode.

The Cloud SIG will work with other groups (Base WG, QA, Rel-eng, etc.) as needed to help deliver the final cloud products.

Mailing List


  1. fedora-cloud

Virtual Meetings

Meetings are on Fridays at 17:00 UTC. We hold meetings on Freenode in the #fedora-meeting channel. (You can always ask in #fedora-cloud about meetings or other topics as well.)

Agendas are usually posted to the mailing list on Tuesdays.