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== Random ideas that we don't want to forget ==
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* Reward the true open source partners
* Information should be relevent, standardized, transparent.
* development -> test -> production.
* make d -> t faster, better.
* make p have fewer problems, supportable and scalable.
* community consulting in d, t drives value and makes revenue in p acceptable.
* otherwise, p is a commodity and we lose.
* leverage open source in non-differentiating areas.
* podcasts/tv/etc in local languages
* localized spins at every show
* publications (again localized)
* ambassadors newsletter
* local language portals for ambassadors
* revenue vs. bookings
* gross margin
* single year bookings
* gross margins -- software vs. services
* knock down barriers
* infrastructure of participation
* weekend projects
* sustainability of models
* Fedora = Get There, RHEL = Stay There
* For any sufficiently advanced computer problem, Linux always provides greatest option value.
* option value and modularity
* strong community
* overlap of user and developer
* user driven innovation
* fedora, firefox
* What we do
* Who we serve
* How we get value
* How that value is useful to the rest of the company
* [[Category_talk:Community_Architecture|Community coaching]]
[[Category:Community Architecture]]

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