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This page is a draft and not ready yet.

Differences to Ubuntu

Although looking familiar, Fedora does some things different to Ubuntu. This page tries to explain the major differences to Ubuntu in day-to-day use.

Becoming root

The biggest difference for users coming from Ubuntu to Fedora is that sudo does not work. In Fedora, root access can be gained with


su will ask for your root password, not your regular user password. The root password is the password you entered while installing, not the password you entered when creating a user account after your first boot.

After you logged in successfully as root, you have administrative rights as long as you close the terminal or log out with

Using sudo
If you want to use sudo anyway, have a look at Configuring_Sudo

Package Management

Fedora uses different tools for package management than Ubuntu. Here is a quick overview how to accomplish common tasks in Fedora:

Ubuntu command Fedora command Notes
apt-get update yum check-update You don't need to do this as yum updates its cache automatically before performing transactions
apt-get upgrade yum update -
apt-get dist-upgrade N/A Distro upgrades with yum are possible, but not recommended. Use PreUpgrade instead
apt-get install yum install -
apt-get remove yum remove -
apt-get purge N/A -
apt-cache search yum search -

Updating software

If you want to keep your system updated, the PackageKit update applet will help you. It will notify you about updated packages and security updates. Its settings can be changed at System->Preferences->Software Updates. If you want to update your system manually, open System->Administation->Software Update or run

yum update

as root.

Installing/Removing software

If you want to install or remove software, open System->Administration->Add/Remove Software. To install or uninstall packages, check or uncheck their checkboxes.

Adding and removing
Note that the graphical frontend can't install and uninstall packages at the same time yet