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== Hardware Overview ==
Users often request that Fedora provide a ''hardware compatibility list'', which we have carefully avoided doing.  Why?  It is a difficult and thankless task that is best handled by the community at large than by one little Linux distribution.
However, because of our stance against closed-source hardware drivers and the problems of binary firmware for hardware, there is some additional information the Fedora Project wants to provide Fedora users.
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=== Useful hardware information in these release notes ===
* For 32-bit x86 - [[Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86| Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86]]  
* For 64-bit x86 - [[Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86_64| Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/x86_64]]  
* For PowerPC - [[Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/PPC| Docs/Beats/ArchSpecific/PPC]]  
=== Hardware stance ===
From [[ForbiddenItems]]:
* If it is proprietary, it cannot be included in Fedora.
* If it is legally encumbered, it cannot be included in Fedora.
* If it violates United States federal law, it cannot be included in Fedora.
=== What can you do? ===
# Get active.  Tell your hardware vendors you only want free, open source drivers and firmware
# Use your buying power and only purchase from hardware vendors that support their hardware with open drivers and firmware.  Refer to for more information.

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