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= Input Methods =
* '''ibus'''
** default keybinding to turn Input Method on/off has been changed to '''[Super]'''+'''[space]'''.
** IME switcher dialog is implemented on GNOME Desktop.
** <code>ibus-setup</code> provides 2 options for non-GNOME desktops: ''Use system keyboard'' and ''Embed preedit text in application window''
* '''ibus-kkc''' (Kana-Kanji Conversion) is a new default Japanese input method engine using the new libkkc backend, replacing '''ibus-anthy'''.
* '''ibus-libpinyin''' (intelligent pinyin engine using '''libpinyin''') now supports configuring enabled dictionaries and importing 3rd party dictionaries in setup dialog.
* '''ibus-bogo''' is a new Vietnamese engine for IBus.
* '''ibus-typing-booster''' now makes better use of '''hunspell''' when making suggestions and supports Tab completions.
* '''imsettings''' now checks the <code></code> gsettings key to determine if imsettings should manage input methods on GNOME and Cinnamon Desktops. If you do not want to use IBus integration for them, set the key to <code>false</code>.
= Fonts =
* '''fonts-tweak-tool''' now has support for embedded bitmaps, font substitution configuration, and OpenType Feature Tags.
* Lohit fonts has following improvement
** Dropped reserved font name from OLF license.
** '''lohit-devanagari-fonts''' has corrected "श्री" syllable with mr_IN locale.
** '''lohit-gujarati-fonts''' has fixed shape of character "Dha" U+0AA7.
** '''lohit-kannada-fonts''' has fix for vowel signs syllables and NGA and NYA glyphs attachment with vowel signs.
** '''lohit-malayalam-fonts''' now supports Dot Reph (u0D4E), works well with harfbuzz-ng.
** '''lohit-tamil-fonts''' has modified zero to five numerals, Rupee sign (u0BF9) and correct rendering of Tamil Letter RA,RI,RII as per GoTN standards.
** '''lohit-telugu-fonts''' now connect NYU ఞ + ు and NYUU ఞ + ూ combination properly.
* '''paktype-naskh-basic-fonts, paktype-naqsh-fonts, paktype-tehreer-fonts and paktype-ajrak-fonts''' has following improvement
** Added Turkish Lira symbol
** Fixed bugs with Hamza Below Ye
* New font family Shofar with '''culmus-fonts'''.
* New font package '''google-noto-fonts''' is added. It is providing hinted open type fonts for Latin, Armenian, Devanagari Ethiopic Georgian, Hebrew, Khmer, Lao, Tamil and Thai script.
= Other =
* A translation tool called '''tw''' has been added.
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