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Support share a global input method in all applications.

Pinyin engine has been reimplemented in C++ with improved performance of fuzzy pinyin.

Hangul engine now supports romaja style input.

New tables added:

New Chinese Font

The default font for Simplified Chinese is now WQY Zenhei.

Lohit Devanagari

New Lohit Devanagari font replaces. lohit-hindi-fonts lohit-kashmiri-fonts lohit-konkani-fonts lohit-maithili-fonts lohit-marathi-fonts lohit-nepali-fonts

Now if anyone feels any exception font behaviour for his language, We can handle it in devangari fonts itself with locl tag.

Yum Langpacks Plugin

A new feature is yum-langpacks plugin which allows automatic installation of langpacks for various packages.