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Beat Closed on Wiki
Work on beats has now moved to git at If you have changes or additions, please contact the docs team via #fedora-docs,, or with the release-notes BZ component.

Input Methods

  • ibus now supports input method engine per window for non-GNOME desktop environments. It can be enabled from ibus-setup.
  • ibus-cangjie is a new ibus engine for users of the Cangjie and Quick input methods. It is primarily intended to Hong Kong people who want to input Traditional Chinese, as they are (by far) the majority of Cangjie and Quick users.
  • ibus-rime is a new Rime input method engine for Linux/IBus.
  • ibus-typing-booster, latn-post, latn-pre input methods are not blacklisted anymore.


  • ttname is a new CLI interface for editing the "name" table that contains the metadata in TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  • fntsample is a new program for making font samples that show Unicode coverage of the font.
  • sfntly is a library for using, editing, and creating SFNT based Fonts.


  • trabajo-fonts is a new package designed for use with the Shavian alphabet, a phonemic spelling reform proposal for English, but also supports extended Latin, and basic Cyrillic. "Trabajo" (pronounced [tɾaˈβaxo] if you're Spanish or [tɹəˈbɑːhoʊ] if you're English) is Spanish for "I work". Trabajo has become a Serif font as of version 2.0, for improved appearance.
  • campivisivi-titillium-fonts is a new package. Titillium is born inside the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino as a didactic project Course Type design of the Master of Visual Design Campi Visivi.
  • mph-2b-damase-fonts is a new package. Mark Williamson's MPH 2B Damase is a free font for many non-Latin scripts encoding .
  • google-noto-fonts now support Avestan, Bengali, Brahmi, Carian, Cherokee, Coptic, Deseret, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Glagolitic, Gujarati, Hanunno, Imperial Aramaic, Kaithi, Kannada, KayahLi, Kharoshthi, Lisu, Lycian, Lydian, Malayalam, Mandaic, Meeteimayek, Nko, Old-south-Arabian, Old Turkic, Osmanya, Phoenician, Shavian, Symbols, Tagalog, Tai Tham, Tai Viet, Telugu, Ugaritic and Vai script as well
  • lohit-devanagari-fonts from lohit2 project by completely rewritten open type tables, support for both dev2 and deva.
  • liberation-fonts with improved serbian locale support in it and minor bugfixes.