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== Kernel ==
This section includes important information concerning the kernel in Fedora 13.
=== Version ===
Fedora may include additional patches to the kernel for improvements, bug fixes, or additional features. For this reason, the Fedora kernel may not be line-for-line equivalent to the so-called vanilla kernel from the web site at
To obtain a list of these patches, download the source RPM package and run the following command:
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rpm -qpl kernel-<version>.src.rpm
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=== Changelog ===
To retrieve a log of changes to the package, run the following command:
rpm -q --changelog kernel-<version>
Note that this list has entries about upstream kernel changes applied to the package as well as Fedora-specific enhancements such as bug fixes and enhancements not yet available in the upstream kernel. A detailed summary of changes in each upstream version is at<version>, e.g. the changelog for kernel 2.6.33 is at .
If you need user friendly documentation about new features in a major upstream kernel release, refer to .
A complete history of changes to the kernel is available from;a=summary .
Customizations made for the Fedora version are available from
=== Preparing for Kernel Development ===
Fedora 13 does not include the ''kernel-source'' package provided by older versions, since only the ''kernel-devel'' package is required now to build external modules.
{{Admon/note | Custom Kernel Building | For information on kernel development and working with custom kernels, refer to}}
=== Reporting Bugs ===
Refer to for information on reporting bugs in the Linux kernel. You may also use for reporting bugs that are specific to Fedora.
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