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{{Admon/warning | F13 | Beat owner should begin placing Fedora 13 content in this beat. }}
[[Category:Docs Project]]
Possible related feature pages:
[[Category:Draft documentation]]
* [[Features/BetterWebcamSupportF13 |Better Webcam Support ]]
[[Category:Documentation beats]]
* [[Features/KDE_PulseAudio_Integration |KDE PulseAudio Integration]]
* [[Features/SIP_Witch_Domain_Telephony |SIP Witch Domain Telephony ]]
Other updates:
* [;a=blob_plain;f=RELEASE;hb=726f903216561f1c15180f8fa8c88770abe38bd3 Pitivi 0.13.4]
<noinclude>[[Category:Release Notes]]<noinclude>

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