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This section contains information about networking changes in Fedora 10.

Wireless Connection Sharing

Connection sharing makes it possible to easily set up an ad-hoc WiFi network on a machine with a network connection and a spare wireless card. If the machine has primary network connection (wired, 3G, second wireless card), routing is set up so that devices connected to the ad-hoc WiFi network can share the connection to the outside network.

This ability is provided by the 'NetworkManager applet nm-applet. Although nm-applet has had a Create New Wireless Network menu item for a long time, this feature makes it work better.

When you create a new WiFi network, you have to specify the name of the network and what kind of wireless security to use. NetworkManager then sets up the wireless card to work as an ad-hoc WiFi node that others can join. The routing will be set up between the new network and the primary network connection, and DHCP is used for assigning IP addresses on the new shared WiFi network. DNS queries are also forwarded to upstream nameservers transparently.