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== Printing ==
This wiki  contains information related to the  Cups and System-config-printing  provided with Fedora.
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The version of cups provided with Fedora is cups-1.4 and following are the features in general,  Though there are about number of changes,
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Below document provides most used , and most noticeable changes
*The web-interface has been given a new look , using php-cgi and not php.
*The new interface provides more improvements to add and modify printer configuration
* The Administration page provides more advanced operations like share, unshare, provides list of backends to choose from
IPP Support
*CUPS now conforms to the draft IPP/2.0 and IPP/2.1 specifications
*CUPS supports the operation of downloading of files from print job using the "CUPS-Get-Document Operation"
*The scheduler and backend discovery interface support a device-location attribute where we can specify the location of the printer
*Support of hold jobs and releasing of jobs on hold
The cups web interface which is accessed through http://localhost:631 is been given new look
In this release, system-config-printer uses PolicyKit to control access to restricted CUPS functionality.
The following functions are controlled via PolicyKit policies currently:
* add/remove/edit local printers
* add/remove/edit remote printers
* add/remove/edit classes
* enable/disable printer
* set printer as default printer
* get/set server settings
* restart/cancel/edit a job owned by another user
* restart/cancel/edit a job

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