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== Printing ==
== Printing ==
The print manager (<code>system-config-printer</code>) user interface has been overhauled to look friendlier and be more in line with modern desktop applications. The <code>system-config-printer</code> application no longer needs to be run as the root user.
Other changes include:
* The configuration tool window has been made easier to use.  Double-clicking on a printer icon opens a properties dialog window.  This replaces the old behavior of a list of printer names on the left and properties for the selected printer on the right.
* The CUPS authentication dialog selects the appropriate user-name and allows it to be altered mid-operation.
* When the configuration tool is running, the list of printers is updated dynamically.
* All jobs queued for a specific printer can be seen by right-clicking on a printer icon and selecting ''View Print Queue''. To see jobs queued on several printers, select the desired printers first before right-clicking. To see all jobs, right-click with no printers selected.
* The job monitoring tool displays a message when a job has failed. The message indicates whether the printer has been stopped as a result. A ''Diagnose'' button starts the trouble-shooter.
* The job monitoring tool now performs proxy authentication.  A submitted job that requires authentication on the CUPS backend now displays an authentication dialog so the job can proceed.
* The print status dialog (for GTK+) gives more feedback about the status of printers.  For example, printers that are out of paper show a small warning emblem on their icon. Paused printers also show an emblem, and printers that are rejecting jobs are shown as grayed-out to signify they are not available.

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