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EPEL Branch Requests

please fill in the table with branching requests for epel7

ACL source must be one of EL-6 or devel

if the package was in epel6 then use EL-6, if its a new package to epel use devel; if you use anything else your request will not be correctly processed

Beware -- even if you say devel, the epel7 branch will be created at f19, not f20 or master.

Add new requests to the end, there's no need to sort. if you sort it there is a high chance that your request will be skipped if added while the queue is processed.

Package Name ACL Source
foo EL-6
xmlstarlet EL-6
perl-DateTime-Format-ISO8601 EL-6
monit EL-6
perl-Net-Domain-TLD devel
perl-Email-MIME devel
perl-Email-Simple devel
perl-Mail-Box devel
python-typepad EL-6
python-remoteobjects EL-6
blender EL-6
openal-soft EL-6
djvulibre EL-6
girara EL-6
zathura EL-6
zathura-djvu EL-6
zathura-pdf-poppler EL-6
zathura-ps EL-6
pdf2djvu devel
geany EL-6
enet devel
djview4 EL-6
cppcheck EL-6
LuxRender EL-6
tinyxml devel
tinyxml2 devel
unittest-cpp EL-6
pngcrush devel
libcutl EL-6
odb devel
libodb EL-6
libodb-boost EL-6
libodb-mysql EL-6
libodb-pgsql EL-6
libodb-qt EL-6
libodb-sqlite EL-6
sword devel
xiphos devel
jglobus EL-6