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EPEL7 beta FAQ


EPEL is currently in beta phase against the public RHEL7 beta release. This FAQ tries to answer some common questions and issues around EPEL7 beta packages and processes.

What packages are available in EPEL7?

See: [ ]

How can I add a EPEL7 package?

  1. Make sure the package is NOT in RHEL7beta. Note that final RHEL7 may well add or remove packages, so any packages added to RHEL7 will need to later be removed from EPEL7.
  2. If you are a package maintainer, add your requested packages to: EPEL/epel7/Requests with the package name and the branch you wish to copy ownership information from.
  3. Wait and the wiki page will be processed and your package will be added.

You may also follow the normal SCM process for epel7 branches, however the above process allows streamlined processing and less touching of many bugzilla tickets for old packages.

Are EPEL7 packages signed?

Maybe, we manually run signing runs. but signing runs and pushing are disjointed processes. As a result packages will not always be signed. As we get closer to moving from beta packages will all be signed and we will switch over to using bodhi and the usual updates process.

I've built a EPEL7 package, how long until it shows up on the master mirror?

In this beta phase EPEL7 composes every night (like rawhide) and all built packages are composed and pushed out. A report is sent to epel-devel with broken dependencies and packages added in each compose.

What arches does EPEL7 build?

x86_64 and ppc64

When will EPEL7 leave beta ?

To be determined, but if we follow the process we did for EPEL6, a few months after the final RHEL is released and things have stablized.

I have a question/comment/idea thats not mentioned here, where do I discuss it?

epel-devel list is the place to discuss all things epel.