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What is Eclipse?

Eclipse is an awesome IDE for creating apps, in various languages. It has a GTK+ UI that is much more accesible to regular programmers from a Windows environment than the tools traditionally used by FOSS hackers.

It is currently best for developing apps in Java, but support for C, C++, C# and Python is rapidly catching up.

It was originally a (very) large body of code that IBM open-sourced. There is now a large community of companies and developers using and extending Eclipse.

It has its own Open Source license (the Eclipse Public Library, or EPL).

It is shipped in FedoraCore (>= 4). Plug-ins will be added to Fedora as time permits or as people do the necessary work. ;)

Fedora Eclipse

Fedora Eclipse is a community project encompassing everything Eclipse-related in Fedora. We ship the Eclipse SDK, CDT, as well as the PyDev, ChangeLog, and Bugzilla plugins. We are working on making plugin packagin easier, and also on packaging more plugins.

Would you like to help?

Visit our current website . Talk to us on IRC or the fedora-devel-java mailing list. Package a plug-in for Fedora!

Plug-ins We Ship



Mylar/Mylyn -- a task-focused UI for Eclipse with bugzilla integration. (Note: Mylar was renamed to Mylyn for its version 2.0 and beyond but we are not yet shipping a renamed version. This change in package names will happen for Fedora 8.)

EMF -- Eclipse Modelling Framework

GEF -- Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (not the Visual Editor )

Subclipse -- support for working with Subversion repositories

Photran -- Fortran support for Eclipse


Fedora Eclipse Website

Most of the Fedora "free java" people hang out on #fedora-java on freenode . There are also people on #classpath also on Freenode.

Fedora Java Mailing list

Eclipse (upstream)

Planet Eclipse

GNU Classpath Wiki

Planet Classpath

GCJ - GNU Compiler for Java


It has automated tests . You can also run individual plug-in tests .