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What is Fedora 29 Release Party?

Fedora Release Party is a social event to meet Fedora's users and people from Imbabura and Ecuador. The main purpose of the event is check out new features of the last version, in this case Fedora 29, and learn about Fedora and Open-Source principles and also how can they get involved with FOSS/Fedora. Attendants will find out how Fedora Project is organized and clear their doubts asking the community members.

Where & When

Place: Auditorio del Instituto de Postgrado, Universidad Técnica del Norte.

Date: Saturday, December 8, 2018. Schedule here.

Address: Sector El Olivo, Av. 17 de Julio y Gral. José María Córdova, Ciudad de Ibarra, Ecuador.

Mapa UTN - Auditorio del Instituto de Postgrado

In case you want a dynamic map, please use the following links:

Coordinates: 0.3582217,-78.1117234, Auditorio del Instituto de Postgrado, Edificio de Instituto de Postgrado, UTN.


  • Presentations about Fedora 29 and Free Software.
  • Installation media (CD/USB) for attendants that want to get Fedora or upgrade to Fedora 29.
  • Q & A Session.


Expecting ~100-150 people.

Fedora Representative and Event Owner


Hora Tema Expositor
09h30 - 10h00 Recepción & Registro Equipo Fedora Imbabura
10h00 - 10h20 Bienvenida. Introducción al Universo Fedora, El Acceso Libre Al Conocimiento y Software Libre Jhoanir Torres [Fedora Ambassador]
10h20 - 10h45 Diversidad en Fedora. Mujeres y tecnologías libres. Clara Robayo, Women In Fedora
10h45 - 11h15 Exploración de Fedora 29 David Moreta, Fedora Imbabura
11h15 - 11h45 Aprender Python de forma interactiva con Jupyter Notebook Alexander Castro, Fedora Imbabura
11h45 - 12h15 Libera el músico que llevas dentro con Fedora JAM Marcelo Alvarez, Fedora Imbabura
12h15 - 12h45 ¿Cómo proteger la identidad digital ante amenazas en la Internet? Javier Moreno, Fedora Imbabura
12h45 - 13h15 ¿Cómo preparar un entorno de desarrollo aplicaciones Java EE sobre Fedora 29? Franklin Vallejo, Fedora Imbabura
13h15 - 13h45 Computación científica de código abierto con Fedora SCIENTIFIC Nelson Cacoango, Fedora Imbabura
13h45 - 14h00 Clausura y cierre del evento Jhoanir Torres [Fedora Ambassador]

Note: In order to help us to organize a great event, please be on time, so we can accomplish the programmed schedule.

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If you have any question, suggestion or comment, you can contact us through our social networks or please send an email to:, we will come back to you as soon as possible.